Conventional marketing has a nasty habit of
making the most amazing businesses look remarkably ordinary.




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The unnecessary pursuit of convention

Pursuit of Convention

How much time do you spend looking for shortcuts? Shortcuts, you believe, will help you grow your online business quicker? When you seek shortcuts you ignore the resources that help you along your journey: Websites such as Copyhacker, ProBlogger and Copyblogger. Brilliant resources to help you become a better blogger. Software such as Unbounce, CrazyEgg, Optimizely. Brilliant tools to … [Read more...]

Take a walk in your customer’s shoes, just make sure they suit the terrain


What do you look for when you book a hotel in a new destination? Off the top of your head. On-site restaurant? Convenience to local attractions? Good rates? Free parking? You can't answer the question. Why? Because in order to answer the question you need to understand the circumstance behind the trip. Are you travelling with family? Are you on travelling on business? Do you need to be … [Read more...]

You’re what? Sorry, I’ve read it before.


Do you provide solutions to the problems your customers face? Do you take a strategic approach to finding those solutions? Do you build a best of breed solution that mixes insight and technology? Do you have a passion for what you do for your clients? Do you go above and beyond to help your customers? Do you work differently? Do you provide fantastic results, always on … [Read more...]

Grandma’s homemade raspberry pie and the art of business storytelling


I didn't get it. What benefit would she gain? Our weekly selection of fruit is delivered direct to our door with the remainder of our weekly grocery shop. The lady I was about to walk past was spending her precious time examining and selecting raspberries from a bush in the middle of a field far away from any habitation. I walk my beagle on the same track pretty much every day. A 4 mile … [Read more...]

Could effort be your greatest barrier to entry?


There's an awful lot of talk out there. Your competitors are planning. They're thinking about what move to make next online. They're watching those they deem fit to wear the label 'competitors' like a hawk. That's the problem. There's a lot of talk. There's a lot of watching. Businesses waiting to make their next move. When one business makes a move, some follow. Some burn out. Some thrive. … [Read more...]