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“he is a true conversion guru who will help you understand your online customers better than you ever thought possible”

This is what I see happening in the world of ecommerce (a lot)...

  • brands piling money into Google Ads & Facebook with diminishing returns and no plan B
  • unnecessary, reactive use of coupons and discounts to nudge up customer acquisition
  • investment in powerful personalisation tools with only the very basic components ever being used

There's a common ecommerce playbook that is proving less and less effective by the day. Let's learn how to use marketing technology to deliver a better, more personalised customer experience... and grow sales more profitably.


I advise ecommerce founders, senior management and in-house marketers how to profit through smarter use of marketing technology. Using the tools that help you build and scale a truly customer centric experience. Clients are based in the UK, Europe & N. America. It's my role to deliver actionable guidance, insight and perspective to help drive ecommerce growth putting your existing customers at the heart of your business.

You can grab my weekly newsletter here. It's where I share insights I've gathered over 20+ years as an ecommerce marketing practitioner. Figuring out how to:

  • effectively onboard new customers
  • action smarter email retention strategies
  • build VIP customer relationships
  • learn the lifetime value of your customers
  • use marketing technology to scale personalisation
  • adopt retention strategy within your ecommerce business model

The key ingredients of a successful, profitable ecommerce business.

Let me know if I can be of help.

Ian Rhodes - Ecommerce Marketing Technology Expert
Ecommerce Consultant


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