Strategic marketing partner to 6-7 figure ecommerce businesses ready to fuel the next stage of their growth.

Working with you to enable a more purposeful, profitable approach to website conversion, customer retention and email strategy.

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Growth strategy for the customer-centred retailer

I’m sharing ideas, tools and the work habits that will help you drive profitable sales growth for your ecommerce business.
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your partner in ecommerce growth:
the planning & the doing

learning what motivates people to buy online since 1996

I work with you to develop, manage and optimise a customer-centred growth programme for your ecommerce business. Through our work you will acquire and retain more customers, more often, more profitably plus;

  • Focus in on the channels and product categories that drive profit
  • Learn what motivates the actions of your website visitors
  • Get confident with the marketing tools, data and software that fuel growth
  • Give existing customers a reason to return and shop again
Ecommerce Marketing Consultant & Freelance Ecommerce Marketer

Ian Rhodes
UK-based Independent Ecommerce Growth Marketer, Consultant & Speaker

“Ian will help you understand your online customers better than you ever thought possible”

– Owen Whitehead – Head of Global Digital at

designing your ecommerce growth programme

Motivating your customer’s journey from first click to conversion and back again.
Blending conversion optimisation, copywriting, email and content marketing.
All fuelled by data and driven by insight.

growth strategy & toolbox

  • Targeting: Matching customer pains and problems to products
  • Review: Website journey and customer roadblock removal
  • Tools: Ecommerce software & productivity tool recommendation
  • Discovery: Mastering PPC & SEO to tap into existing demand

convert more customers

  • Testing: Building an impactful CRO programme
  • Learning: Google Analytics data & user session analysis
  • Easing: Improved site navigation & checkout process
  • Motivating Purchase: Better performing sales copy, product descriptions & imagery

retain more customers

  • Email: Smarter use of newsletters, order updates and customer welcome sequences
  • Unboxing: Perfecting post-purchase communication and experience
  • Reward: More effective use of customer loyalty programmes
  • Social proof:  Learn the art and value of sharing customer experience

Ready to take a smarter approach to customer conversion and retention? Bring my insight and 20 years of online growth expertise to your retail business.

Do let me know how I can be of help.

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