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Digital Marketing Strategy & Brand Builder

A 20 year history of digital marketing understanding what motivates people to do what they do online

This was way before Google Analytics. I made a simple text change to the checkout page of our handbuilt ecommerce platform. One simple change based on a single hypothesis, “will this help people to complete their order?” It did. From that moment on, I’ve been hooked on learning how we can impact the actions of our website visitors through the words we use. From the homepage to the order dispatch email.

Through my 20 year career online I’ve either worked, owned or consulted with customer-centric, innovative businesses. In 1996 a startup selling online in an industry afraid of the internet. In 2000 a business asking customers to Name Their Own Price as competitors came to terms with customers wanting to shop online. In 2004 starting my own business selling unknown brands in an exceptionally brand-centric marketplace.

Since 2009 I’ve consulted with companies, near and far, large and small, ready to fuel growth adopting a smarter approach to their website conversion optimisation. 


All the things that I have done…

Before we get into the work bit, I was raised in SW London, Hong Kong and spent 7 years in Indianapolis USA before the age of 18…

Let me attempt to condense my 20 years of learning and experience as a digital marketer into bullet points.

I’ll try to keep this short…

From Startup to the Biggest Travel Company On The Globe (1996-2002)

  • 1995 – completed a degree in Economics with a dissertation entitled ‘Marketing on the Internet’ (this was 22 years ago….)
  • 1996 – joined one of the UK’s first eCommerce startups as Head of Marketing (I was the marketing team) in London.
  • 1999 – My first speaking event at the UK’s first Affiliate Marketing Conference.
  • 2000 – Work documented in Jakob Nielsen’s Homepage Usability book published.
  • 2000 – Joined Priceline.com (now the world’s biggest travel company) as European Marketing Director.

Saying ‘Screw It’ and Starting My Own Retail Business (2004-2008)

  • 2004 – launched my own bootstrapped retail business focused on selling guitars from makers you wouldn’t find anywhere else.
  • 2005 – The DIY guide to growth. Hand-built an eCommerce platform and wrote daily articles (this was long before the days before WordPress…) on a hard-coded ‘blog’.
  • 2006 – Opened our first bricks and mortar (and wood and steel) shop in Ripley, Surrey and started taking on employees.
  • 2006 – Earned the Fender Europe Top Dealer Award.
  • 2008 – Sold 10,000 guitars and built a website that grew from zero to over 2.5m unique visitors in 4 years.

Selling my business and starting my own consulting practice (2008 onwards)

  • 2008 – Started Rhodes Consultancy Ltd to advise and consult with businesses on online growth.
  • 2009-2014 – Worked with clients including Pfizer, Channel Advisor, The Works, HSS Hire, Remploy, Gossard, Pretty Polly
  • 2014 – Listed as one of 14 conversion experts you should be following by Crazy Egg
  • 2014 – Listed as one of the world’s Top 25 most influential conversion rate experts by PPC Hero
  • 2015 – Launched the Marketing Homebrew Podcast in collaboration with Content Revolution author Mark Masters
  • 2015 – Published the first in my series of ebooks, Make What You Make Matter
  • 2015 – Speaking at conferences across Europe (inc. first ever trips to Greece and Latvia) to share insights to help marketers be more purposeful in their daily marketing lives.
  • 2015 – Appointed to the advisory board at content marketing agency Contentology
  • 2016 – Recognised on the UsabilityTools.com hall of fame – 32 conversion optimisation experts to follow
  • 2016 – Published my second eBook, Emotive Selling For The Online Retailer
  • 2016 – Currently writing my first full book, Untemplate, ready for publication in Spring 2017
  • 2016 – Surpassed 100 shows of the Marketing Homebrew podcast with 25,000 downloads with listeners in 65 countries
  • 2016 – Speaking at events in Berlin, Warsaw and Bucharest during Oct/Nov 2016
  • 2017 – Booked to speak for the 3rd time at the UK’s biggest retail fashion event, MODA
  • 2017 – launched Productise.co.uk – helping B2B service companies convert more business targeting specific market niches



I consult with founders, entrepreneurs and in-house marketers in the UK & Europe and on the international stage (literally) on conversion strategy.

The role of the marketer has changed significantly. It demands insight. It demands strategy. It demands focus. Blending copywriting skills and analytical insight to grow sales and enquiries.

  • I consult with startups to resource, train and develop their website conversion strategy & process.
  • I work alongside senior management at established businesses to help better understand their online customer and develop a structured programme of growth
  • I train in-house marketers on the skills, tools and processes of successful conversion optimisation.

I work from my home office in the lovely village of Prestbury Cheshire here in the North West of England. My clients are scattered across the globe in a variety of industries. I’ve partnered with over 175 businesses in a range of sectors. I have the continued privilege of travelling around the globe running workshops and speaking at conferences.