In the great pop-up debate should we let logic dictate?

Ugly discussions take place regarding the use of ecommerce pop-ups. From the informed ‘I hate sites that use popups’ to the evangelical guarantees of 10x growth, opinion is divided. Here’s the problem. As a tactic, yes pop-ups are intrusive and can often disrupt purchasing processes when used incorrectly. Playing their … Read More

When discount codes work

Discount codes have become a default conversion optimisation tactic. Give people 10% off and there’s a greater likelihood they’ll purchase. Or so the methodology goes. 10% discount equates to £100k revenue given away for a £1m turnover business. That’s a lot of gifting. The problem, as I see it, is … Read More

In a market of sameness, market differently

Andrew didn’t share the vision. He was inundated (as we all are…) with the stories of wily marketing from the Apples, Teslas and Red Bulls of this world. They were in a different stratosphere. Budget. Time. Energy. People. His business made products that nobody would conceive to be ‘cool’. Why … Read More

The perils of reactive discounting

There is a discounting epidemic. On the high street. Online. The needless handover of sales profits. The 10% discount code presented to website visitors before they even begin to shop. The half price summer sale. The clearance where everything ‘must go’. Profits are being haemorrhaged. And once you head in … Read More

Differentiation takes courage. A lot of courage.

Doing things differently. Shunning the best practices taught on stage by marketing ‘gurus’ and written about in marketing blogs and books. Deciding to shift from the marketing patterns you see brands, new and old, pursuing each and every day. It takes courage. Naturally, we all wish we knew the refined … Read More

How to motivate people to buy repeat-purchase products from you

Do you sell a product you know your customers purchase on a regular basis? There’s a knack to motivating people to purchase over and over again. You’ve probably got access to the email technology that makes this a relatively simple process. For Brand Less Ordinary clients, we use Klaviyo. You … Read More

Are you presenting a confident clothing brand?

What do I mean by confident brand? An easy way to answer this question is to present the case of a brand that lacks confidence. Here are a few examples; pop-ups that offer me a 10% discount before I’ve had a chance to even see the products you sell no … Read More