How to introduce more product categories to your newest customers

How do you subtly drop the ‘see what else we sell‘ email into your new customer’s inbox? They’ve already received their order confirmation, the dispatch email (which may include further emails from your courier), the request to review their order and, more than likely your latest newsletter campaign. You’ve communicated. … Read More

Why it’s your duty to champion your niche

To grow your brand less ordinary you have a responsibility beyond just selling products. When you understand that your market isn’t ‘everyone’ you grasp the importance of your role as an educator. An educator speaking to a particular audience. Your audience. Your niche. Know your niche. Champion your niche. Grow … Read More

Want to know the best time to send your cart recovery emails?

So you’re running a cart recovery email sequence and you’re seeing a good return. Brilliant. Your cart recovery emails are prime for testing. Split-testing subject lines Split-testing email copy Split-testing call-to-action buttons You should have a programme of continual optimisation in place. Testing ways to incentivise open, click and conversion … Read More

What are the priorities of today’s multi-tasked marketer?

It was a pleasure being the first guest on my good friend, Mark Masters, new podcast You Are The Media (there’s also a conference lined up for 2018). One sentence backstory, Mark and I spent 2 years sharing 140+ episodes of our own podcast, Marketing Homebrew. During the podcast we … Read More

How to market to website visitors not yet ready to ‘buy now’

Bryan Eisenberg wrote something years ago that stuck with me. ‘Don’t sell, help people to buy’. It’s the marketing mantra of the brand less ordinary. We don’t like being sold to. Especially when it’s not a simple case of ‘yes’ or ‘no’. We’re in a buying process. Pushy selling rarely … Read More

How to welcome new subscribers

Let’s consider your store’s email newsletter for a moment. You see, as your subscriber, when I grant you my email address I want platinum status membership to your brand. I want access to your very best. Not everything. Just the best. The best work, the best offers, the best everything you … Read More

Thank you, again

When did you last thank your customers? I don’t mean the pithy throw-away ‘thanks for your order’ that accompanies each dispatch note. You can do so much better than that. I mean a heartfelt thank you. A message that demonstrates, with true gratitude, the value your customer brings to your … Read More

Do what the competition don’t (or can’t)

The greatest opportunity to grow your ecommerce business is through the words that you use. Words are the difference between a decent year and a phenomenal year. You can invest heavily in marketing tech. You can have the latest email, review, split-testing, pop-up & personalisation software. You can have all … Read More