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best practice marketing? your brand deserves better.

“he is a true conversion guru who will help you understand your online customers better than you ever thought possible”


marketing strategist for hire

You know following 'best practice' marketing isn't the direction for your business. Inevitably though, time depletes. Creativity wanes. Everything you do (the emails, the videos... the 'stuff'...) becomes a little more ordinary.

And you want to put a stop to that. Right?

So let's get the foundations right. And progress from there.

I'll work with you to develop a plan that allows you to market your business the way you want to market your business.

To differentiate.

To shift away from price focus.

To make what you make matter.

To be story-driven.

To showcase the people, product and perspectives that make what you make unique. No matter how cluttered your market may be.

We get the foundations right and then we work out the action points.

Our work will take on various forms. Conversations. Workshops. Plotting. Scheming. We'll get creative. We'll share the 'EUREKA!' moments when we nail the copy that articulates your brand, your products. We'll get geeky too. Time looking at the technology and data that allows you to communicate with your customers a little more 'one-to-one'.

Hopefully by now you've a good understanding of what I believe business is all about. If not, get my newsletter and spend a few minutes reading my articles. They're all there to help.

I'm not an agency. I'm a one-man band. Time is important to both you and me. Let's have a conversation though. Tell me where you're up to, the good times, the opportunities and the struggles. Maybe there's a way we can work together? Email me [email protected]. I'll be in touch sharpish to find a time we can both speak. I'm here to help.

Marketing Strategist
marketing can become the most powerful form of differentiation

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