Ecommerce Email Marketing Review Workshop, Training & Consultancy


More personalised communication. Better Results. No matter what you sell.

Advance your email marketing

I’ll work with you to get the business excited about the results email marketing provides…

  • Learn which email service provider best suits your ecommerce platform
  • Discover the importance of deliverability and keeping your database engaged
  • Implement better segmentation to drive greater revenue per subscriber
  • Reduce time spent on email taking advantage of automation processes
  • Find out how to increase email revenue success using a/b testing of subject lines and content
  • Start designing your email with the mobile user in mind

The vast majority of online retailers still miss the magnificent opportunity email marketing will provide.

Email marketing is still a labour-intensive task for many. Something we’d all love to be doing ‘right’, but dedicating the time is impossible.

It’s my job to introduce an email marketing process to your ecommerce business.

I partner directly with ecommerce clients to help implement and optimise their ecommerce growth strategy through email.

Email Marketing Consultant - UK

Ian Rhodes
Ecommerce Email Marketing Strategy Consultant


Are you ready to drive growth taking a smarter approach to email marketing for your ecommerce brand?

Whether you’re looking to initiate a smarter approach to email marketing for the very first time or a review and recommendation process for existing campaigns, I’m here to advise and help execute.

Email Strategy

Bringing focus and direction to your ecommerce email marketing

  • Email Campaign Audit
  • Vendor Review & Selection
  • List Growth Strategy
  • Email Branding & Tone
  • Deliverability Review

Email Delivery

Smarter Personalisation, Automation and Subscriber Segmentation

  • Welcome Sequencing
  • Win-Back Campaigns
  • Cart Abandonment
  • Browser Abandonment
  • Post-Sale Communication

Email Optimisation

Learning our way to better open rates and greater ROI per email campaign

  • Subject Line testing
  • Call to Action testing
  • Mobile First
  • Attribution & Reporting
  • Imagery + Text Experiments

Email Marketing Training & Consultancy

More learning. More personalisation. More revenue.

There’s no best practice you should follow.
Success comes through learning, from data, the impact of a hypothesis-driven series of a/b tests

The use of CTAs, imagery, subject lines and from fields. Each element can have a significant impact upon your email success.

It demands patience. This is a long-term commitment that requires a long-term strategy. That’s how I help my retail clients. Devising a more creative, smarter approach to email marketing management and revenue success.

Ready to take the next steps to email marketing success?

I equip ecommerce brands with all the necessary insight, strategy and processes through review, consulting & in-house workshops. Working exclusively with ecommerce businesses, large and small, in the UK, Europe & USA.

Let’s discover how we can work together to build your revenue through email marketing for your ecommerce brand. You can call me on +44(0)7545 822460, email or fill the form out below. I’ll be back in touch right away to fix a good time to talk.