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Growing Ecommerce Businesses Since 1996.

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UK Ecommerce Consultant

Growing ecommerce businesses since 1996

Hi, I’m Ian Rhodes – growth partner to the online retail startup

Ecommerce startup clients hire me to advise and action the strategy, technology and optimisation processes that fuel early growth for long term gains.

We came to Ian as a brand new startup in need of some help to get off the ground. Ian’s actionable insights in the early days provided us with a solid platform to make the most of what we had, and put us in a strong position so that when growth came the results were much greater than they would otherwise have been. I highly recommend working with Ian.

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The foundations most startup retailers ignore. Getting your ecommerce marketing stack in place at an early stage using tools and software that you can scale upon. Plus… the added incentive of discovering tried and trusted technology where pricing scales alongside your business

  • Google Analytics integration
  • Choose the email marketing provider you can scale with
  • Recover more abandoned carts
  • Adwords shopping feed optimisation
  • Gain more customer reviews
  • Integrate with social media
  • View user session recordings to understand what’s happening on your website
  • Capture interest using exit-intent overlays
  • How to optimise the use of user reviews
  • Reduce site download time
  • Devise your customer retention strategy
Growth Marketer - Digital Marketing Growth Consultant


The Traffic Growth programme we build and run is customer-centred and conversion-aligned. Designing your content marketing strategy and accompanying landing pages to target specific audience niche and their pain points/challenges. Optimising your homepage, site navigation and product pages to help reach a new audience through Google search. We’ll adopt a blended audience growth strategy across:

  • SEO (Google organic ranking)
  • PPC (Google shopping ads feed & optimisation)
  • Ecommerce Content Strategy
  • Email Welcome Sequences
  • Email Strategy For Acquisition & Retention
  • Creating Product Copy That Converts

Generating website traffic is easy. The real challenge is reaching your target audience. Your ideal customers. Building a defined offering that appeals. I don’t report on ‘visits’ – my worth to you is in generating real business…


Your customers decision making is based on emotive response. So let’s get smarter in how we position your business and attract customers to your products through your sales copy. The creative side of marketing that differentiates you from the competition.

  • Optimising your Conversion strategy (CRO) programme
  • Running a Continual A/B Split Testing programme
  • Using insight from Google Analytics & Session recording
  • Improving site navigation (desktop & mobile)
  • Enhancing forms and checkout process
  • Managing automation tools and software
  • Boosting email open and click thru rates
  • Optimising email onboarding and welcome strategy
  • Making better use of contextual website and product imagery
  • Copywriting for conversion across the customer journey
  • Enhancing post-sales customer communication
  • Refining customer retention and upsell process

We’ll put in place a structure and process that will increase productivity and conversion success.

Growth Marketer - Digital Marketing Growth Consultant


I’ve been growing ecommerce businesses for 20 years.

Finding my feet at a startup online retailer in 1996. Moving on to as European Marketing Director, a true market innovator who are now the world’s largest travel company.

I then launched my own retail business in 2004. From scratch and bootstrapped. Doing the things you’ve done. Balancing time and energy marketing my business and running my business.

For the last 8 years my time has been dedicated to my ecommerce consulting business, working alongside clients, large and small, to figure out how to motivate more people to buy through their website. The art and science of business growth.

“When it comes to building a digital brand, there’s no one I trust more than Ian Rhodes.”
Kathryn Aragon – Crazy Egg


Ecommerce Growth StrategyHow would 1,2… maybe 3 more orders out of every 100 visits impact your bottom line?

When your sole focus is on traffic growth you’re missing out on where the magic happens. Your website.

My focus is on how we motivate your website visitors to take action and how to make their journey through your website easier. A blended, strategic approach to traffic and revenue growth. Firstly, we ask what we can we do to motivate more people to buy from you? Then we unlock traffic growth.

How I help ecommerce businesses thrive online through a blending approach to search, email and conversion strategy. Fuelled by data. Driven by insight.

Here’s what I’ve found. No amount of effort updating your SEO, product feeds, social media updates and Instagram shares outweigh the time you spend mastering your communication through your website and email. Seriously. If your sole focus is bringing people to your store, it’s a fruitless task.

That’s why we start our work together at the foundations. Building your brand and establishing your marketing agenda.

I help you build your audience by understanding your audience. Truly understanding your audience. We’ll get our fingers dirty working Google Analytics, figuring out exactly what’s taking place on your website. We then align the product you sell to your audience’s needs. We make what you make (or sell) matter.

Learn How I Coach Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

Bring 20 years of ecommerce expertise to your startup online retail business. I work with a select group of entrepreneurs to offer guidance, insight and direction as they grow their businesses online


Drop me a line in the form below, email me at or give me a call on +44(0)7545 822460. I’d love to hear about your retail business (or plans). Let’s work together to grow your ecommerce sales online.