Your Freelance Ecommerce Growth Partner – UK, Europe & North America

Let’s Build & Optimise Your
Ecommerce Growth Programme

Customer conversion & retention strategy for the smarter ecommerce business

Let’s Build & Optimise Your
Ecommerce Growth Programme

Customer conversion & retention strategy for the smarter ecommerce business

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UK Ecommerce Consultant

Helping retailers and makers sell more products online since 1996

Hi, I’m Ian Rhodes. I’m a UK based freelance eCommerce growth consultant.
I partner with online retailers and makers in the UK, Europe and North America.

Together we action a smarter, customer-centred growth plan to sell more products through your website
(without trashing your prices).

Fuelled by data and driven by customer insight we create and optimise an ecommerce growth engine to
1.) help you convert more website visitors into paying customers
2.) help you inspire more website customers to return and buy again
3.) help you grow your ecommerce business more profitably

“Ian will help you understand your online customers better than you ever thought possible”
– Owen Whitehead – Head of Global Digital at



Let’s start out by mapping your customer’s journey and discover how to motivate their actions and ease their decision making each step of the way. I also want to introduce you to high-value, low-cost marketing and automation tools that help drive your ecommerce success

  • Ecommerce platform review & recommendation
  • Value proposition clarity
  • Knowing the roadblocks in your customer’s journey
  • Consistency in your website copy and tone
  • Using your own back story
  • Focusing in on your niche
  • Smarter use of Google Analytics
  • Email software recommendation and implementation
  • Discounting and delivery incentive strategy
  • Adwords search and shopping campaign review


MAKING IT EASIER FOR PEOPLE TO BUY FROM YOU – Your acquisition growth engine is driven by conversion strategy. Making use of data, a/b testing, customer and ecommerce insight we can work quickly to improve the effectiveness and conversion rate of your ecommerce website across:

  • INTENT: Smarter demand-led approach to Adwords & SEO
  • PERSUASION: More impactful product page copy and imagery
  • LEARNING: Focused conversion optimisation & a/b testing
  • TIMING: Better use of remarketing and social retargeting
  • FOCUS: Customer journey led email segmentation and automation
  • REMINDING: Shopping cart abandonment campaigns
  • PRICING: Worthwhile discounting and free shipping strategy
  • SCREEN: Mobile design effectiveness
  • CONNECTION: Email onboarding welcome sequencing
  • INFLUENCE: Persuasive use of social proof and customer testimonials

“He is an e-commerce professional with a depth of expertise and is a pleasure to do business with. I would not hesitate in seeking his consulting services again on another project.”
– Mathew Wade – Head of Digital at Gossard


Building a profitable retention campaign strategy that simply works. We’re going to look at the entire post-purchase landscape across product unboxing, post-shipping communication and your all important customer retention email strategy.

  • Customer Testimonials – taking a more personalised approach to customer feedback requests
  • Dispatch communication – adding a little personality and anticipation works wonders
  • Reward – discover highly cost-effective routes to reward your returning customers
  • Onboarding – Email welcome strategy that works rather than frustrates
  • Inspire – Use your newsletter to give people a reason to return and shop again
  • Segmentation and automation – keep as productive as possible with your time and budget by implementing smarter communication strategy

Our work takes place across the entire customer journey. From first click to conversion, to dispatch and beyond.

“The work we have done together has seen our online business go from strength to strength driving more traffic to our website and yet reducing our cost per conversion. “
– David Winstanley – Managing Director at Pramworld


I’ve been growing online retail businesses for 20 years.

Ecommerce Marketer, Ian RhodesFinding my feet at a startup online retailer in 1996. Moving on to as European Marketing Director, an innovator who are now the worlds largest travel company.

I then launched my own retail business in 2004. From scratch and bootstrapped. Doing the things you’ve done. Balancing time and energy marketing my business and running my business.

For the past 7 years my time has been dedicated to my retail consulting business, working alongside makers and retailers to figure out how to motivate more people to buy through their website. The art and science of ecommerce growth.

“one of today’s leaders in Conversion Rate Optimization, people who don’t just talk the talk but put their theories to the test on a daily basis.”
– Kathryn Aragon – CrazyEgg


Ecommerce Growth StrategyHow would 1,2… maybe 3 more orders out of every 100 visits impact your bottom line?

When your sole focus is on traffic growth you can get involved in price wars. There’s nothing left to differentiate your shop from the next. Apart from price. That’s not a good place to be. It becomes a volume game. Visitors, not revenue.

I help makers and retailers focus on what happens on their website. What can we do to motivate more people to buy from you? It’s time to get smarter with your conversion process. Then we unlock traffic growth.

How I help retailers and makers thrive

Here’s what I’ve found. No amount of effort updating your SEO, product feeds, social media updates and Instagram shares outweigh the time you spend mastering your communication through your website and email. Seriously. If your sole focus is bringing people to your store, it’s a fruitless task.

That’s why we start our work together at the foundations. Building your brand and establishing your marketing agenda.

I help retail businesses build their audience by understanding their audience. Truly understand their audience. We’ll get our fingers dirty working Google Analytics, figuring out exactly what’s taking place on your website. We then align the products we sell to your audience’s needs. We make what you make (or sell) matter.

Working with popular eCommerce platforms including:
Shopify – Magento – OpenCart – BigCommerce – WordPress/WooCommerce – Squarespace


Are we a good fit?

  1. My ecommerce clients are owner-led businesses with 6 or 7-figure annual turnover through their website. Clients are maker brands, specialist retailers, fashion brands, heritage brands, premium brands and startups alike.
  2. I partner with ecommerce retail business owners who are there for the long-haul. Business owners and entrepreneurs more interested in sustainable profitable growth rather than the get-rich-quick.
  3. Businesses that value their customers. Know their customers. Businesses built on behalf of their customers.
  4. I have to believe in the products you’re selling. Whether premium brands or innovative products. We have to share an understanding that there’s a demand for what you do.
  5. I don’t work with copy-cat retailers or makers. I’m interested in marketing innovation, not replication.
  6. As I’m based in the UK, the majority of my clients are UK-based. I do work with retailers and makers in Europe and North America – it just means we rely upon Skype and the phone a little more to keep the travel costs down 🙂
  7. I partner with a select group of retail clients. No more than 8 at anyone time.
  8. I don’t work with retail businesses in the same industry as my existing clients.
  9. My intention is to work with you for 12-18 months. To design your eCommerce growth strategy and build traction measured by revenue growth. I want you to successfully manage your marketing internally long-term. At this stage my role shifts from retail marketing partner to advisor as we progress.
  10. My monthly fees range between £750 ($950) – £1500 ($1900). I’ll talk you through my fee structure. I keep it straight forward. Far more cost effective and productive than hiring or relying upon an external agency.


Drop me a line in the form below, email me at or give me a call on +44(0)7545 822460. I’d love to hear about your retail business. Let’s find a way we can work together.