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Get better results for your ecommerce business through email marketing

Growing Ecommerce Businesses Using Email Since 1996

Ecommerce Email Marketing Consultant

Email Marketing Strategy For The Smarter Ecommerce Business

Growing Ecommerce Businesses Using Email Since 1996

You ready to knuckle down and take a smarter approach to email marketing for your ecommerce business?

The vast majority of online retailers still miss the growth opportunity smarter, strategic, email marketing provides.

  • valued regular newsletters
  • customer email welcome sequences
  • basket abandonment followups
  • delivery updates
  • customer loyalty programmes
  • discount code delivery and exclusive subscriber offers

I partner directly with ecommerce clients to help implement and optimise their ecommerce growth strategy through email.

Email Marketing Consultant - UK

Ian Rhodes
Ecommerce Email Marketing Strategy Consultant

Run correctly, email marketing will have a significant impact on your ecommerce business

Are you ready to drive growth taking a smarter approach to email marketing for your ecommerce company?

I’m here to help you plan and manage your email strategy across:

  • Current email campaign audit
  • Email subscriber sign-up strategy
  • Email platform review audit and recommendation
  • Email newsletter branding
  • Email internal management process
  • Email personalisation
  • Email newsletter frequency
  • Email management & reporting
  • List segmentation
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Email template structure
  • Email tone & personality
  • Improved newsletter open rates
  • Email attribution tracking
  • Email onboarding for new customers
  • Subject line a/b testing

Have you built a good volume of signups but now seeing a consistent decline in open rates? We can work together to understand what is impacting your email marketing success.

Make your email newsletter your most valuable differentiator from your retail competitors

Consistently being there to assist people registered for your email newsletter helps retain customers and create true brand loyalty.

It’s what you’re remembered for. As a retailer, you know the importance of the lifetime value of a customer. Let’s work out how to make email the most successful route to building loyalty for your retail business.

It demands patience. This is a long-term commitment that requires a long-term strategy. That’s how I help my retail clients. Devising a more creative, more smart approach to email marketing management and revenue success.

Email Marketing Consultant to Ecommerce

Ready to take the next steps to email marketing success?

I’m a freelance email marketing consultant working directly & exclusively with ecommerce businesses in the UK, Europe and USA/Canada.

Contact me today by calling +44(0)7545 822460, emailing me at or dropping your details across in the form below. I’lll be in touch right away.