Ecommerce Growth Consultant To Fashion & Lifestyle Brands

Helping fashion brands grow their ecommerce sales
(without trashing prices)

Learn how to motivate more browsers to buy & more customers to buy again

Let’s start selling more items
(without trashing your prices)

  • How to motivate customers to buy through the fear of missing out (FOMO)?
  • How to sell without resorting to constant discounting?
  • How to inspire more customers to leave reviews?
  • How to persuade existing customers to come back and buy again?
  • How to reduce cart abandonment?
  • How to truly personalise your visitor’s shopping experience?

I’m here to share 20 years of ecommerce expertise to help drive your website sales. Get smarter with email marketing. Grow conversion rates with a/b testing. Get savvier with your use of social media.

I work with fashion brands to equip you with the conversion optimisation strategy, marketing technology and processes that drive ecommerce growth.

Email Marketing Consultant - UK

Ian Rhodes
Ecommerce Growth Consultant To Fashion & Lifestyle Brands



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    Growth Strategy

    Evaluate and take ownership of every customer touchpoint to help build your brand and grow your sales

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    Marketing Technology

    Ensure you’re using the most suitable tools to help drive user generated content, reviews, email sequences and develop your a/b testing programme

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    Optimisation Process

    Putting in place an action plan for continual optimisation of your website’s purchase process


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    Post-Purchase Communication

    Put in place a successful dispatch, delivery and review process that helps drive additional sales

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    Email Segmentation & Automation

    Learn how to introduce new lines and season wear to the people you know will be interested

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    Customer Rewards Programme

    ILet your customers earn additional reward for repeat purchase and recommendation

Get actionable advice on the strategy, tools and processes that fuel ecommerce growth.
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Ready to take the next steps to website sales growth for your fashion brand?

I’m an independent ecommerce marketing consultant working directly & exclusively with direct-to-consumer fashion brands, large, small and startup, in the UK, USA & Canada.

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