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What's Covered?


  • Data Informed

    Learn how to understand and use Site Analytics & Customer Lifetime Value data to your benefit

  • Multi-Channel Traffic

    Future proof - remove over reliance on single channels across search & social

  • Retention Mindset

    Discover how greater retention success will transform your work in customer acquisition


  • Email Marketing

    Transform your customer's pre- & post-sale experience and reward continued loyalty

  • Personalisation

    Discover how to deliver a better customer experience through personalisation tools & a/b testing

  • Loyalty Programme

    Know your VIPs and put in place a plan to reward their continued loyalty and advocacy


  • Continual Optimisation

    Adopt a methodology of a/b testing to better understand what motivates new & repeat customers to shop again

  • Customer Insight

    Build feedback engines that ensure complete customercentricity

  • Marketing Automation

    Learn how to use machine learning to boost productivity and scale personalisation

Personalisation · Ecommerce Business Model Innovation · Predictive Analytics · Email Segmentation & Welcome Sequencing · Behavioural Targeted Messaging · A/B Testing · Customer Lifetime Value Analysis · Loyalty Programmes · Customer Insight