How are you motivating customers to review their purchase?

Our job is to motivate people to take action. Think about it. Every step of the buying journey a micro-moment exists where your customer considers what action to take next.

The problem we, as ecommerce marketers, encounter is the sheer volume of actions we request our customers to take, pre- and post- purchase.

Each touchpoint offers an opportunity to solidify the relationship between our store and our customer.

That human touch.

We’re so busy dropping new requests upon our customers that we don’t consider the act of motivation.

I want to share the following example.

I recently bought a shirt. After 1 week the retailer triggered an email to ask me to review the product.

This is a screenshot from the review request landing page:

How to ask customers to review a product

What would you do differently?

Somebody has bought a shirt from you one week ago. What would motivate them to write a review?

I’m not talking about throwing a voucher code their way. I’m talking about the ‘examples’ provided within the form itself.

The examples are meant to inspire. To trigger a thought flow that your customer will respond to. In real life, have you ever purchased clothing where you thought ‘wow, great features?’

It’s the simple things that can drive success for each customer touchpoint.

Reviews are hugely valuable to a fashion retailer. They offer an ecosystem to nurture word-of-mouth advertising within your own site.

Again, our job is to motivate action. Our job is to take ownership of each touchpoint and consider what will influence people to take the action we want them to take.

Looking at the example above once more, the retailer knew that I purchased this item 1 week before they sent the email. So, why the ‘I bought this a month ago…’ example?

Because we’re so busy that we run with the template. We activate email sequences, deliver emails, customer review emails without consideration for the message that our customers actually read. The messages that motivate actions.

I want you to review the way you communicate with your customers. Are you ensuring that your message rings true to the purchased product?

If you’re sending review requests are you assisting your customer with those first few critical words? Customers don’t think in features and benefits. Use emotive triggers. Remind people why they bought the product in the first place. Day-to-day clothing? Remind people of the comfort. Sports gear? Remind people of the fit. Winter wear? Remind people of the warmth. Remind people how they felt when they opened the packaging. Remind people of the moment they tried it on for the very first time.

This doesn’t just apply to fashion. It applies to whatever you’re selling.

We have to do better than talking ‘great features’.

Written By:

Ian Rhodes


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