Ecommerce Growth Consultancy

Helping You Retain More Customers & Grow Your Ecommerce Business More Profitably

Increasing Ecommerce Customer Retention Rates Since 1996

You ready to take a smarter approach to customer retention?

The vast majority of online retailers still miss the huge opportunity that a defined, focused customer retention strategy can bring.

I partner directly with ecommerce clients to help establish and run their retention programme of email marketing inc. post-order communication, stock updates, newsletters and timed communications.

Make the shift from pure focus on acquisition to where the real money is made in ecommerce – customer retention growth.

How I will help your ecommerce brand retain more customers

* Customer retention audit & review
* Post-sale delivery communication
* Product unboxing recommendation
* Voucher & discounting strategy
* Remarketing to existing customers
* Customer loyalty programmes
* Review collection & usage
* User generated content
* Software review & recommendation
* Friend referral programmes
* Social media communication
* Club & reward programmes
* Subscription business model strategy
* Email newsletter strategy
* Timed win-back campaigns
* Seasonal campaign strategy

Keep your customers more loyal, more rewarded

Customer retention and loyalty should be central to your growth strategy. Most ecommerce brands ignore the opportunity to drive significant profitable growth through their existing customer base.

Inspire your customers to share their experience with your brand and significantly impact the opportunity word-of-mouth marketing will provide your ecommerce brand.

Do what your competition won’t. Start building your brand less ordinary through a fresh focus on how you retain your existing customers.


Over the years I’ve found the most productive way to help you drive growth is through a 1-day workshop. At your offices. A day of review and actionable insight that will set the foundations for your ecommerce growth.

This is a standalone workshop with an agenda set to your priorities. Click below to learn more and check availability.

I work exclusively with ecommerce clients in the UK, Europe and USA typically already turning over £500k+ ($750k) per year or newly-funded fast-growth startups.

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