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Building & growing ecommerce businesses since 1996

You ready to fuel Ecommerce Growth for your Shopify store?

You need trusted advice from an ecommerce expert from the outset.

Guidance through the growth process from somebody that has been in the same boat. Sharing with you 20+ years experience building and growing successful ecommerce businesses.

I’m here to help. I work with a core group of ecommerce entrepreneurs ready to put in the hard work that ensures their ecommerce business, powered by Shopify, will thrive online. My clients are in the UK, Europe, USA & Canada.

Shopify Consultant : UK Advisor On Shopify

Ian Rhodes
Trusted Coach & Advisor To Shopify Startups & Fast Growth Stores

Learn how to manage and optimise your shopify store building a truly customer-centred ecommerce business

* advice on the best shopify apps to help you build a better visitor experience
* recommendations on trusted shopify developers and designers
* guidance in creating your marketing & brand strategy
* help devising your pricing & shipping strategy
* learn how to drive relevant traffic through search and social channels
* advice on how to present and articulate your brand
* help creating collections and ensuring the easiest user journey through your Shopify website
* guidance on how to integrate, run and optimise your email marketing strategy
* help budgeting and ensuring ROI from the early stages onwards
* assistance in developing collaborations
* advice on product photography
* help scaling your ecommerce business for growth
* learn how to be more productive with your time
* advice to help you increase valuable customer reviews and feedback
* assistance with the use of all ecommerce marketing technology

… the list is constantly growing having worked alongside 200+ retailers during the past 20 years

Ready to build a thriving Shopify store (no matter how small your retail niche)?

This is about driving revenue through your own Shopify store (i.e. got a desire to get rich quick through Amazon or Ebay? Don’t bother applying…)

Building a successful ecommerce business for the long haul.

Let’s embrace your niche, demonstrate the value of your brand and start growing your brand less ordinary.

Shopify Marketing Specialist

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