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When you make the call to run your ecommerce marketing in-house…
You need strategic direction, fresh perspective & trusted guidance.

Conventional marketing really hurts sales

When I say ‘conventional’ I mean the words you use and the marketing tactics you employ. The work that simply doesn’t differentiate you from the other retailers in your market or resonate with your website visitor. It’s just meh’. It leaves you competing on price or justifying your price. That’s not a good place to be.

Then there’s ‘best practice ecommerce marketing’. It’s difficult to succeed online when you pursue the route of best practice marketing.

You come across the tactics all the time.

  • Send your newsletter on a Tuesday…
  • Tweet at 2pm and you’ll blow the competition away…
  • Make your ‘Add To Cart’ buttons green and watch the orders fly in…

supposed ‘tactics’ that are guaranteed to work for your ecommerce business.

That’s fine if you want average results from average marketing. I’ve seen this time and time again working in the ecommerce industry for 20+ years.

Your online shop deserves better.

The customers you want to win? They demand better.

For your customer, be the brand less ordinary

I partner with online retailers, large and small, with the desire to build their brand less ordinary.

To create impact through their marketing work, not to simply tick the boxes.

To take true advantage of the opportunity the blank digital canvas provides your ecommerce business.

Marketing with personality. Marketing that creates an emotional connection between you and your website visitor.

A platform to motivate customers to buy and to make that purchase as easy as possible.

A true customer-centred approach that both influences and assists. Without any pithy mention of you being ‘one of the leading retailers’… we’ll all tired of bland website copy.

Ultimately, it’s about process. Building and optimising a marketing process fuelled by creativity and insight that works to grow your ecommerce business. Profitably.

“The work we have done together has seen our online business go from strength to strength driving more traffic to our website and yet reducing our cost per conversion.”
– David Winstanley – Owner of Pramworld

Our work together takes place across 3 stages

Stage One: PURPOSE – The Foundations

Firstly, we review. We get to understand what’s happened to date and the opportunity that exists. We research the market. Spot gaps and outline an action plan that defines how we fuel growth through your marketing.

Our work together starts at the very core of your offering. The proposition.

We focus your message. We inject a little creativity. We build purpose into how we attract the attention of your customers from the homepage, category page, product page and beyond.

We then align your site sales copy with the real reason people buy what they do. We build faith and establish trust. We show people why they should invest their time on your website and buy from your store.

Our objective is to learn what will drive online revenue growth. The ‘human’ approach. Not simply to ‘stand out from the competition’ but to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with your customers.

To build authority through the content you create, your articles, your email newsletters and your web copy, and the relationships you build.

From your homepage and beyond. We focus on the reason people buy what they do, not keywords that grow traffic.

This forms the backbone for our work across SEO, Content and Email Marketing as we build your audience of targeted customers.

“Ian’s conversion optimisation strategy expertise helped us re-focus away from just generating site visits to driving conversion and revenue. He is a true conversion guru who will help you understand your online customers better than you ever thought possible.”
– Owen Whitehead – Head of Global Digital at

Stage Two: PROCESS – The Build

Now it’s time to put our ideas into action. Rather than stumbling from tactic to tactic we’re creating a seamless programme. Bringing structure to how you market your business across:

  • Search Optimisation & Google Shopping Ads (when necessary)
  • Writing Insightful Targeted Sales Copy & Designing High Impact Product Pages
  • Consistency in impactful product imagery
  • Giving a real reason why people should subscribe to your newsletter
  • Continual learning through conversion Optimisation & and A/B Testing Process

We want to get smarter with our methods of attracting and retaining the interest of your potential customers.

Our objective is to use the tools available to us to effectively grow your online audience and to learn how best to educate and persuade website visitors to take that next step in their buying journey.

Our work is supported through data. We’ll learn more about your website visitors through Google Analytics, session recording, heatmaps and more. Necessary insight that will help us better align how we market your ecommerce business with the immediate needs of your online customer.

“Its probably fair to say that I learnt more in 2 hours than I had in 12 months.”
– Lee Fuller – ChannelAdvisor

Stage Three: PROFIT – Gaining Traction and Retaining Customers

This is where our work bares fruit. It’s where I’ve built my reputation in the digital marketing arena. It’s how we profit from a successful marketing process.

Your retail website is performing as a live lab. We’re continuously learning what works, what doesn’t. Data. Insight.

We’re creating a/b tests to better understand the receptiveness of your audience and to ease their journey across your site. From first click to conversion.

We’re creating content and email programmes for new products, new trends we spot within your marketplace.

We’re building landing pages to reach a new target market.

We’re converting more business through your website.

We’ll also put in place a plan to reach existing customers. Not simply to sell, but to continue developing the relationship you’ve created with your customer.

Most important of all. This is about profit. Driving sales. Driving revenue. The reward for taking a smarter approach to your digital marketing. The reward for building your brand less ordinary.

“When it comes to building a digital brand, there’s no one I trust more than Ian Rhodes.”
– Kathryn Aragon – Crazy Egg

How we work together

First and foremost I’m an adviser to your retail business. I work with business founders and management to review and plan. I work alongside your internal team to advise, teach and coach.

I’m here to proactively;

prioritise your marketing tasks
train and coach your marketing team
bring fresh perspective, fresh ideas, to the mix
introduce structure to how you market your store online
focus work across the numerous platforms you have available
review work and provide feedback and recommendations
consider existing methods, tools and work habits
help recruit new team members
bring consistency to your online results
get my fingers dirty working to drive revenue growth

Providing you guidance and direction to significantly impact your online success.

The finer details

  • I work on a retainer-fee scenario.
  • I don’t hold you to a long term contract.
  • It’s my duty to prove my worth to your business.
  • Fees usually range from £750 – £1750 per month.
  • We’re continuously communicating. Whether that be in person, phone, Skype or any other preferred channel.
  • Majority of clients are UK based. I do have clients in the US, Canada and Europe.
  • My work takes place under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).
  • I don’t (and won’t) work with your competitors.
  • I work exclusively with retail startups and owner-led ecommerce businesses.
  • Clients range across a wide variety of retail, product maker and fashion markets.
  • I’ve been learning what works, what doesn’t, for 20+ years. There’s a lot to bring to your retail business.

You ready to thrive building your brand less ordinary?

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