Your Ecommerce Marketing Toolbox

Tried and trusted ecommerce growth tools and software designed to help you manage your site, grow your list,
convert and retain more customers more productively…

Gone are the days of investing £0,000’s on a suite of software to help optimise your ecommerce website.

Ecommerce Growth marketing tools and software, used correctly, are a hugely valuable ROI-measurable investment for your ecommerce marketing.

You’re spoilt for choice with new products entering the market every week.

To make it easy for you to get started, here are the tools I use myself, with my clients and recommend in my workshops and events:


Split-Testing & A/B Testing Software

massive fan of Visual Website Optimiser and the ease with which you can launch your split-testing programme. The WYSIWYG Editor makes amending your A/B tests simple and easy to manage. Plus the reporting tools offer a variety of insights to help guide the success of your split-testing


you get a stack of insight through this brilliant split-testing, survey and personalisation suite. Prices start from around £30/month with smart audience segmentation and a very simple to implement integration. Register for your free Omniconvert 30-day trial here

Google Optimize

Google Optimize will change the way ecommerce businesses approach split-testing. Recently launched out of beta, Google Optimize allows you to run a/b and mvt optimisation programmes with ease. There are no limits to traffic volume and you have the ability to run 5 experiments at any one time. The biggest benefit is the ease of integration with Google Analytics to track the success of your a/b testing through your existing Analytics account. Go register today – it’s free.

Heatmap Software
I’ve been using CrazyEgg for years. Very simple to implement and the variety of insight you receive including scrollmaps and confetti maps offer huge insight into what’s happening on your website. Plus, you can segment data by referrers and view data from Mobile and Desktop  users. Well worth investing in.

Zarget offer a complete CRO suite. However, it’s their dynamic heatmaps that are really useful so you can track drop-down menus and carousels (for those of you that swear by them…) There’s a 30-day risk-free trial offer for you to take up too. Prices start from $15/month with a further discount for a yearly registration.

User Session Recording Software
You can spend hours reviewing the actual website paths of your visitors. HotJar allows you to filter user journeys based on landing pages, referrers, time on site as well as a host of ways to view desktop and mobile journeys. The visual representation of what’s actually happening on your website will help you quickly identify conversion roadblocks.

You’ll also see just how quickly people shift around your site and which pages and headlines draw their attention. Plus, there’s the added bonus of heatmaps, form analysis, polls and surveys

Hotjar is an invaluable marketing asset for any ecommerce marketer. It’s priced competitively too. Prices start from €29 per month and you can access your free Hotjar trial here

Browser Testing & Simulation Software
top tools for quick analysis of your site’s viewed on multiple browsers and screens. Ever looking at the browser reports in Google Analytics to monitor conversion success? If particular browser’s are flagging you’ll find the insight you require through CrossBrowserTesting. For most companies the cost will be less than $30 a month and the insight you extract will ensure this is a great tool to add to your CRO toolbox.

Form Analytics 
access a whole new level of form fill insight using Formisimo. Learn how people are engaging/dropping off your forms and quickly understand how to best optimise your website purchase and contact forms. From just £30 a month you will uncover unknown fields that create anxiety. You’ll learn how to optimise each of your forms to ensure improved conversion rates across your website

Email Marketing Software

For retailers, 9 times out of 10 mailchimp will offer you everything you need. Here are my selection of email marketing platforms that can take you to the next level with your ecommerce marketing:


Drip is an ultra-smart, yet intuitive, email marketing tool. It’s based upon workflow. Whether you’re educating or onboarding your clients, Drip’s targeted process allows you to simply stage your email communication. Using triggers you can tailor your email campaign based upon the actions of your recipient.
You can start using Drip for free (under 100 subscribers) to give the software a proper run out. Drip forces you to think strategically. That’s what I love about it. Ready to bring structure to your email marketing? I’d highly recommend you trial Drip.

Get Response

Get Response offers a vast suite of tools to help ecommerce growth marketers organise their email communication. There’s the added advantage of providing your users with access to your webinars (in the pro package) as well as basket abandonment campaigns, landing page creation and autoresponders.

You get a lot of kit for with the basic email package starting at $15 (1000 users) through to the pro, max and enterprise versions tailored to the tools you need.

You can register for a free 30-day trial of GetResponse (no credit card needed) by clicking here


Klaviyo is my go-to email software for ecommerce businesses when they’re ready to get serious with email marketing.

Powerful audience segmentation has never been so easy. Start sending the right message to the right person at the right time. Whilst a greater investment than Mailchimp’s Pro Marketer suite, Klaviyo, used correctly, will give you the opportunity to create impactful email workflows that target with precision and give your customer’s a truly personalised experience through your email newsletter.

You can take Klaviyo for a test-drive with their free (sub-100 subscribers) account to get a good understanding of the capability of their email software. Integration with Magento and Shopify is simple. Give Klaviyo a try now.

Remote User Testing

Settle design debates with data. It’s their value proposition, not mine, and it sums up the User Testing software perfectly. You can quickly create 5-second test which you can run on pre-defined audiences to gain clarity on how people interpret what you do. It’s always an eye-opener. You upload your screenshot and in choose the response size and demographic. In a few days you’ll receive feedback (also a word cloud to visualise data) that will change the way you market your business.

Pop-ups & Overlays 

the big benefit for conversion optimisers using OptinMonster is the ability to split-test overlays and popups. Get instant access on what’s working and what’s not to help increase your subscriber conversions. Very easy to integrate into all the major email providers. You can create triggered overlays, exist-intent overlays as well as footer forms to quickly build your subscriber database. Give OptinMonster a whirl with their 100% 14-day money back guarantee

Picreel is great alternative with some very smart templates included. Easy to integrate with all the popular email marketing platforms. Simple setup and a great advantage being able to split-test your copy. You can pay monthly based on pageviews (very reasonably priced) or save 25% with a yearly subscription. Click here to register for a free 30-day trial – it takes minutes to get started.


I’ve started using Justuno on a few client sites and I’ve been so impressed by the success and ease of the product (plus the price). Pricing starts from just $19/month and you receive access to a superb interface to allow you to integrate discounting and email signup on your exit overlays. There’s a free 14-day trial which I highly recommend you take advantage of to see the depth of customisable features that you can access with Justuno – Click here to get your 14-day free trial (no credit card required)

Landing Page Optimisation & Creation Software

it’s the industry standard for a reason. The ease with which you can customise templates and split-test makes it a great tool for anyone without developer expertise. Like all tools, you get the best out of Unbounce when you invest time learning the intricacies of the platform.  Their insight hub is brilliant and creating landing pages for your Adwords and Email Landing Pages couldn’t be easier.

3D presentation of ebooks and products
Boxshot is a great tool for easily creating 3d versions of book covers, software packaging or anything you want to really stand out on the page. Perfect for conversion optimisers who are reliant upon ebook downloads as part of their conversion strategy.

Would you like to add your ecommerce software to my growing list?

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