your brand story

the right words motivate more people to buy what you sell

emotive selling

learn how to make what you make matter

The words you use help people decide whether to buy from you or head elsewhere.

From your homepage, to the product page to your about us page and beyond. Your content strategy. Your brand. Constant opportunities to build trust and give people a feel good factor towards your brand.

I’ve been an ecommerce practitioner now for 22 years. Yikes. As an employee, store owner and consultant. I can comfortably say, hand on heart, that the most powerful tools you have available to you as you build your fashion brand are the words that you use.

Let’s give your website visitors a reason to buy what you sell.

Ecommerce Copywriting Training & Strategy

Ian Rhodes
Fashion Brand Story Strategist


through the effective use of copy and storytelling

Learn what really converts website visitors into customers and customers into repeat buyers. Make the shift from spending all your time and budget on driving new traffic to your site and begin building a programme of continuous improvements to give your website visitors a better shopping experience. I’m here to guide you through the entire process. We’ll work together to bring a spark of creativity and focus to your copywriting. Embrace a better way of selling. Emotive selling.

  • Mission Statement
  • Value Proposition
  • Brand Clarity Guidelines
  • Articulating Your Brand Manifesto
  • Product Descriptions
  • Homepage Copy
  • About Us
  • Storytelling Narrative
  • Backstory Narrative
  • Email Welcome Sequencing
  • Email Newsletter Strategy
  • Post-Sales Communications
  • Review Requests
  • A/B testing

Content Strategy

storytelling for ambitious fashion, apparel & luxury brands

One of the most common struggles for fashion brand founders and marketers is the ability to articulate product value. Too often we fall back to the habit of generic one-size-fits-all copy. The copy you write persuades people to shop. I want to give you the freedom to write in an authentic voice that delivers your customers a reason to buy what you sell.

  • content strategy
  • social media strategy
  • brand tone & voice
  • email marketing strategy

Content Marketing Strategy For Ambitious Ecommerce Brands

next steps

to building a more purposeful fashion brand

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